Welcome to APEX Property Management Inc.

Founded in 2007, APEX Property Management Inc. provides exceptional property management services to both owners and residents of rental, condominium and commercial real estate properties. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our company. We value each contact we make, knowing, it may be with a potential customer and hoping our customers become future ambassadors for our company. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction through courteous, professional, and a results-driven service.  We at APEX achieve this by respecting the basic principles our company was founded upon:

• Quality
APEX prides itself on its professionalism. We manage our clients’ properties in the same manner we would manage our very own. APEX employees are trained and expected to deliver at the highest work standards so that you, our client, can have a worry-free experience with our team.

At APEX we understand that respect is earned by delivering results consistently. We believe that success is achieved through relationships built on trust which benefits all parties involved. At APEX, we work hard so that your confidence in us is earned and never taken for granted.

• Integrity
Through the consistency of our deliverables, the depth of our values, the fundamental principles of our company and the high expectations we place upon ourselves, we earn our clients’ trust and demonstrate our integrity. At APEX we pride ourselves on becoming your trusted advisors for all matters related to property management. Please visit our services page.

Continuous improvement is also present within our company’s culture.  We are committed to creating an environment where continuous learning is encouraged in order to become the leader in the property management services sector.

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